First Update for the Beta! 0.02

We've JUST updated our beta! We've also gave the game's page a fresh new look!💪

Many of the changes were thanks to feedback from players of the beta's initial release, so THANK YOU inmensely! ❤️❤️

We hope to hear more cool ideas to make the game better from you again! :) 

And to know if anything is broken, that's important too.

Version BETA 0.02 changelog: 

- The game now has a darker tone to be able to differentiate the fast moving characters from the background easier
- Difficulty has been tweaked for one player
- Ferdinand change: You can now tap the button fast to instantly throw the grenade in front of you instead of charging it
- Lunette change: You can now pick up thrown boxes (down + attack) to reposition them
- Lunette change: her freeze explotion now is cross shaped, having vertical reach to freeze flying enemies
- On keyboard you can now either press X, Z or ENTER to accept on the character selection screen

- fixed bug where alien soldiers could shot one more bullet while dying
- fixed bug where evil fries could sometimes attack backwards
- fixed crash on first screen

- added "press enter" on the character selection screen

- Made score screen after wave transparent so it doesn't obscure vision as much


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Nov 10, 2018

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