Update Beta 0.03!

We've just updated the Beta to version 0.03! 

Most of the changes are for buffing Galahad and adding cool juicing, but there's a few changes to the gameplay too, like getting healed in-between every wave
Pretty much all of the changes here came from people on the discord, so thank you guys!

- "press up" prompts added to all interactive objects
- Galahad's lance now hits your enemies more times when it pierces them
- Galahad's lance damage increased
- Galahad's lance now makes a sound when it hits an enemy
- Galahad's lance's sprite now changes more when you hit an enemy
- The screen now shakes when you die
- Vending machine screens now have different colors for different items 
- Crystals are now attracted naturally to characters when they are near
- Enemy bullets now dissapear automatically when a wave ends
- Stairs on the upper right room now drop automatically at wave 8 if the player didn't triggered them before
- Reduced Worm's attack sound volume
- You now get healed after each wave

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug where sometimes enemies (mostly alien soldiers) fell straight through platforms instead of propperly going down
- Fixed bug where you could access placeholder main menu

- Added a wave counter
- Removed timer


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Nov 14, 2018

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